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Upcoming Performances

For more details, visit the "Collaborations" tab or follow Cat on Facebook & Instagram at the links above

September 5th - Sunflower Festival, NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

September 10th - Charter Oak Brewing Co. (North County Band)

September 11th - NashSkill, Peekskill NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

September 12th - Castle on Post, Fairfield CT (North County Band)

September 17th - Monroe Farmers' Market, CT (North County Band)

September 18th - Farmer's Grind, South Salem CT (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

September 19th - Private Party Redding, CT (North County Band)

September 23rd - Big E Fair, Massachusetts (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

September 25th - Congregational Church Fair, Redding CT (North County Band)

September 26th - Oktoberfest Montgomery, NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 1st - Private Party (North County Band)

October 2nd - Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 3rd - Oktoberfest Montgomery, NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 8th - Sideline Grill, New Jersey (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 9th - Silverman's Farm, Ct (North County Band)

October 15th/16th - Pennsylvania (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 17th - Harvest Moon, North Salem NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers)

October 22nd - Charter Oak Brewing, Danbury CT (North County Band)

October 23rd - Outlaw Women of Country, Willington CT (AJ Jansen)

October 24th - Castle on Post, Fairfield, CT (North County Band)

October 29th - Station House Wine Bar, CT (North County Band)

October 30th - Daryl's House, Pawling NY (Raquel & the Wildflowers, opening for Jessica Lynn)

More dates TBA

Previous Shows Include:

CountryFest (Cadott, WI - Raquel & the Wildflowers)

Keeler Tavern (Ridgefield, CT - Angry O'Haras)

Music in the Square (Armonk, NY - Sarah Browne)

Notch 8 Brewery (Bethel, CT - North County band)

Violin & Fiddle, Private Lessons, Singer-Songwriter, Studio Musician

Photo by @thegracephotography
Photo by @thegracephotography

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Photo by @thegracephotography
Photo by @thegracephotography

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Photo by @thegracephotography
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Photo by @thegracephotography
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Pictured above: performances from La Factoria, Peekskill, Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp, The Bitter End, NYC and Daryl's House, Pawling, NY

       Texas born & raised violinist Cat Lines is steadily making a name for herself as a country/rock performer and renowned private lesson teacher. Cat began her violin studies at age 8, and participated in school orchestra programs throughout her education. However, equally influential in her musical upbringing was her attendance at the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp for ten consecutive years. Created by Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder and Grammy-Award winning electric violinist Mark Wood, this camp introduced her to rock, pop, blues, jazz, country and more, and also fueled her love of songwriting and performing onstage.

      Now, Cat is based out of Danbury, Connecticut, where she performs with country/rock groups Raquel and the Wildflowers, North County Band, AJ Jansen, and more. With these groups, she has performed at notable venues such as Daryl's House (Pawling, NY), The Cutting Room (NYC), The Bitter End (NYC), and been featured at major festivals such as Country Fest (Cadott, WI) and NashSkill (Peekskill, NY). She also has original music available on all streaming platforms, does regular studio work and is eager to collaborate with more artists in (and outside of) the Tri-state area. To contact Cat, email catlinesmusic@gmail,com, or visit the Connect Tab above!


Photography by; Nora Grace Albinus, Skye, Richard Killian, Heather Cobb Isabelle